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                                 Access Junkie's Resource List

This is my list of Access Resources I have compiled over the last several years. I hope you find this list as useful as I have. Use this page as a starting point when you need to find anything related to Access.

List last updated: March 5th, 2013

  - New entry since last revision
  - Link updated since last revision
- Access MVP site

Table Of Contents

Starting Out Ten Commandments  KB Articles
Netiquette  Database Design 101 Naming Conventions 
Reserved Words Interface Design  Microsoft Templates
Tutorial  Database Models Downloads 
Stephen's Site Advanced Topics  Miscellaneous
Articles  Run Commands Other Links 
Add-Ins/Utilities Access Chats  User Level Security
Menu Bars/Tool Bars  Replication  Access Forums 
Book Recommendations  Publications  Access Blogs 
User Groups  MVP Sites  Database Recovery 


Link Count as of Last Update: 431


Starting Out with Access:

Number One on your start list for comprehensive Access help:

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Access Ten Commandments:

Follow the wisdom and do not stray towards the Dark Side.

"...fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to Lookup Fields."

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Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles:

Main Page for searching:

How to use the Knowledge Base:

List of Access KB Articles:


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Netiquette for newsgroup postings:


How to ask a question:

mvp.jpg (771 bytes) Making Good Newsgroup Posts:

How to ask in a newsgroup:

The Lost Art of Etiquette:

Why and How to Crosspost:

Using the Newsgroups Effectively:


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Database Design 101:

Understanding Normalization by Michael Hernandez:
ZIP File Download

Database Design Tips by Michael Hernandez:
Database Design

ACC: Database Normalization Basics  

Glossary of database terms:

Where to find information about designing a database in Microsoft Access:

"Understanding Relational Database Design" Document Available in Download Center:

ACC2000: "Understanding Relational Database Design"

Fundamentals of Relational Database Design:

Database Normalization Tips by Luke Chung

Data Normalization Fundamentals by Luke Chung:

Support WebCast: Database Normalization Basics

Concepts Of Database Design And Management:

Database Design And Normalization (aimed at dBase, but still valid):

Database Normalization:

Introduction To Data Modeling:

Access Data "Clean-up" Tips:

Defining relationships between tables in a Microsoft Access database:

Database Normalization Techniques: 

Introduction to Database Normalization: 

Database Normalization:

  MVP Crystal Long's Access Basics document:

  Data Modeling 101 by George Hepworth: 

  A Little Treatise on Normalization by Access MVP Jerry Dennison: 

  Fully Qualified Naming - The First Step To Normalization by Access MVP Jerry Dennison: 

  Glossary of Terms and Definitions by Access MVP Jerry Dennison: 

General Database Design Topics and Articles:

Rules of Data Normalization:

Normalization Rules - Beyond The Third Normal Form 



Advanced Normalization:

Overview of Normalization:


Normalization – BCNF:

A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory:

Introduction to Relational Databases - Part 1: Theoretical Foundation:

On DK/NF Normal Form:

Database eLearning:

ACC: General Initial Planning Phase For A New Database Part I: 

ACC: General Planning a database – Part 2: 

Database Design Strategies: 

Normalizing a Database: 

Indexes - Info and Links:

SQL Tutorial:

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence:



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Naming Conventions:

mvp.jpg (771 bytes)

Object Hungarian Notation Naming Conventions for VB:


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Reserved Words:

  Problem names and reserved words in Access:

  Validate Names to Make Sure They Aren't VBA Keywords:

Special characters that you must avoid when you work with Access databases

Reserved Words in Microsoft Access

List of Reserved words in Jet 4.0
(Click on PDFs on the left side and select “Reserved Words”)



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Interface Design Topics:
(User Interface Guidelines)

Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers:


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Microsoft Database Templates:



Tutorial Style:

Solutions and Orders Sample Databases:­nloads/bapp2000.exe

  Building Microsoft Access Applications by MVP John Viescas:

Bob Larson's Tutorials and samples:

Microsoft Access 2000: Building Applications with Forms and Reports

SQL Tutorial:

Tutorial: Analyzing Data Using Access

List of resources that are available to help you learn Visual Basic
for Applications programming:

Intermediate Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000:

Tutorial in Spanish:

Interactive Online SQL Training:

Fundamental Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000:

Intermediate Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000:

Advanced Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000:

Microsoft Access 2000 CD-ROM Training from AppDev: 

Access 2003 Courses: 

Autonumbers - what they Are and Are Not...

Access 2003 VBA Course:

Learn Access Now

Overview of Access:


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Sample Database Models/Table Designs:

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Download Samples:
(In German)
(Click on the News button)

Newsgroup regular Fred Boer has graciously provided a fully-functioning library database that can be downloaded:


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MVP Stephen Leban's site:

Yes, Stephen's site deserves a category of its own.
A couple of things I have learned from Stephen:
1. If you think something cannot be done with Access, check his site first.
2. If Stephen says it cannot be done, trust me, it cannot be done!

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Advanced Topics:
(Once an MVP, always an MVP in my book)


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Misc: Downloads/Samples/Helpful Articles

mvp.jpg (771 bytes)

25 SQL Commandments:



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Helpful Articles/Code Samples:

mvp.jpg (771 bytes)
(In Spanish)

mvp.jpg (771 bytes)
(In Spanish)
(In Spanish)
(In Polish)
(In French)
(In Russian)
(In German)
(In Italian)
(In Portuguese)
(In Spanish)
(Click Developer's FAQ Page)
(In Italian)

Using MapPoint from Word, Access and Excel:

Tina’s Tips to Get You Going-
Basic information that applies to all databases...



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Run Command Constants:

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A massive list of other Access links:
(Have to be a member)



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  "CSD Tools Database Documentation"

"Doug Steele Object Documenter"

"Sandra Daigle Permissions Wizard"

This is a re-write of MVP Sandra Daigle's DbUtilities which, as an Add-in, makes it easier to transfer the object permissions from a secured database to a new database container.

The Zip file also includes a complete user guide which covers installation, usage and walk-through guides.

Select the appropriate Zip file for whichever version of Access you are using.

(255 KB)

(207 KB)
(Big list here)

  The ToolShed Access eBook:

  The WorkBench for Microsoft Access:

  The ToolBox:
(Have to be a member)
(Enhances References Dialog box)
(Click On-Line Catalog then Access Software)

Office Automation - Smart Indenter 

BMS Smart Indenter:

Gnatt Chart Builder System:

Compare'EM Utility:

Access Auto Pilot:

Caller ID Software, Ms Access: 

MDE Source Code Protector v1.02 for Microsoft® Access:

SQL Formatter:

UI Builder for Microsoft Access

Headway Shortcut Builder


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Access Chats:

Live Access chats every Tuesday and Thursday:
Tuesday 11am EDT - Thursday 3:30pm EDT

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Access User-Level Security:

Security FAQ (the Security Bible):

Security FAQ On-line edition:

Lynn Trapp's Ten Security Steps:

Joan Wild's Tips:

The Microsoft Access Security Apparatus: 

  Real World Microsoft Access Protection And Security:

Jack Macdonald's Security Document:

The Security Whitepaper is also worth reading:

Keith Wilby's Instructions (See step-by-step link)

Other Good Information:

Steps to Securing an Access Database by Using User-level Security:

Other Microsoft KB articles of interest:

Description of how to help protect a Access 2000 database:

Description of the role of workgroup information files in Access security:

Exploring Microsoft Access Security:
(Click on PDFs on the left side and select “Access Security”)


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Creating menu bars and tool bars:

Programming Microsoft Office Command Bars:


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Access Replication:

  How to un-replicate a database:

Replication FAQ:

Replication White Paper:

Jet 4.0 Replication:

TSI Synchronizer:

Synchronization without Replication:

Database Replication in Microsoft JET 4.0:
(Click on PDFs on the left side and select “Replication FAQ” and “Replication”)

Sample files available here for study:

David Fenton's Jet Replication Wiki:


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Additional Access Forums:
(In Italian)
(In Polish)



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Book Recommendations:
(A VERY good book to have)
(Anything written by MVP John Viescas is a keeper)

  Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security
by MVP Garry Robinson:

  MVP Roger Carlson's list of recommended reading:

Grover Park George on Access: Access 2000, Access 2002, Access 2003:

Microsoft Access 2003 Forms, Reports, and Queries:

Automating Microsoft Access with VBA:

Programming Microsoft Office Access 2003:

Access 2003 Programming by Example with VBA, XML, and ASP:

Microsoft Access 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals (Paperback):

Access 2002 VBA Handbook (Paperback):

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Access 2002 Programming in 24 Hours (Paperback):



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Access Publications:

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Access BLOGS:



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Access User Groups/Special Interest Groups:

  Wellington Office User Group:


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Some of the MVP web sites:

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Database Recovery:

  Fix Your Corrupt Access Database In 30 Minutes:

AccessFix Software



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This page was last updated on Tuesday, March 05, 2013.

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