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"Have you ever wanted to find out generic properties about a file, such as the duration length of an MP3 file, or the date a JPEG picture file was taken on a digital camera?" -Wayne

you can get this amazing capability on EverythingAccess in the Access Tutorials section.

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ListFiles Database
by and modified by Crystal

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Reads file name and file attribute information into a database -- can be done for one directory or a directory tree. You can also specify a search pattern using wildcards. The default is to get all files. In doing so, folder names are also read and stored.

This tool includes some of the treasures exposed by Windows using a brilliant free tool written by Wayne Phillips that gets additional file properties:
Accessing detailed file information provided by the Operating System

This sample database may only be distributed freely. It provides valuable information for you ... and others ... to see how amazing Access is and how it can be so useful.

The main benefit of this database are the records in the tables that are created after you run this tool. You can see valuable information about the files and folders stored on your computer, and what your computer can see.

Best to Compile before you run.

NEEDS a reference to:

  • Microsoft DAO # Object Library
  • Microsoft Office # Access Database Engine Object Library

Look at Relationship diagram and Field Descriptions in each Table Design. Although the application has been expanded, here is where the basic information comes from (this is an old diagram and table design):


"May I hint you to check the underlying query for your form named "f_Showfiles". I've missed the path informations, but adding the table "Dirs" resolves that problem."

— Jens Schilling, Microsoft MVP, Access

Thank you for pointing this out, Jens ... guess I left some of my half-baked ideas in there... I never finished that form -- had great plans for it ;) Feel free to modify or just delete the f_Showfiles form

I have gotten emails from a few people complaining that I left forms in there that don't work ... I could take them out ... then you'd have more to do if you want to build one yourself. Rather than looking at unfinished stuff as something bad, look at it as a start


Recursive File listing modified from code witten by Allen Browne .
Browser code originally written by Stephan Lebans .
GetComputerName written by Dev Ashish .
Accessing detailed file information provided by the Operating System written by Wayne Phillips on EverythingAccess , who exposes hard-to-figure-out stuff.

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