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Download (50K)  

Zip contains these files:
  • Forms_With_Help_Examples_Crystal.mdb (Access 2000 database)
    1. HelpText
    1. f_Help_Word_doc_HyperlinkAddress
    2. f_Help_Word_doc_UnboundObjectFrame
    3. Help_HTML_doc_HyperlinkAddress
    4. Help_textbox_RichText
  • SampleFormHelp.docWord document
  • SampleFormHelp.htmWeb Page document
  • ReadMe_Help_on_Forms_Crystal.txtASCII text file


example using RichText on an Access form:

example using an Unbound Object Frame to load help into on an Access form:

Hyperlink to other documents

example using a Hyperlink on an Access form to open help content in a Word document

example using a Hyperlink on an Access form to open help content in a Browser

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