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Access database contains these tables:
  • Zip Codes — Zip, City, State, County, Latitude, Longitude -- US Zips (42K+ records)
  • Countries — Country Codes and Country Names (250 records)
  • States — State Abbreviations and State Names for the United States, Canada, and Military (72 records)
  • PhoAreaCodes — Telephone Area codes for the United States (380 records)
  • PhoIntlCodes — International Dialing codes for Phone calls (230 records)
  • Airlines — Airline Name and IATA codes for Airlines around the world, includes base Country and airline note (535 records) - updated Aug 6, 2009
  • Airports — Airport Name and IATA codes for Airports around the world, includes City and Country (and State for USA) (2,750 records) - updated Aug 6, 2009
  • Sample form — Example form showing 3 types of comboboxes to collect State. For more information, read the combobox example in Access Basics. (Nov 23, 2011)

Access 2013 version also has tables for Voltages, Flowers, ...


"Hi Crystal!! How do I set up a drop down box for state abbreviations in Access?

— Jodi

Thanks for your question, Jodi. I have added a sample form to the reference database showing how to set up 3 different types of comboboxes:
  1. combobox showing all states. Calculated textbox controls show Statename, Country code, IsActive flag
  2. combobox showing states with Active flag set. Calculated textbox controls show Statename, Country code.
  3. cascading combobox to pick Country and then State. Requery on AfterUpdate event of Ctry. Criteria in RowSource of State. Calculated control shows statename.
Example combobox

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