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"Just a very tiny token of my appreciation for years of valuable tips picked up from you over the years. In Hebrew, the word for life, "Chai", has the numerical value of 18 and it is customary to use this number, or multiples thereof, as a symbolic wish for good life."
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thank you, Isaac! May the wind be at your back and the sun on your face.

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    Whistles and Bells    
by Crystal

Extra touches for "topnotch database designs that work but won't take a lifetime to create"
  — Karen
... to whom I owe thanks for the last bit of inspiration to create this page
... which is still being dreamed up. I plan to show you some of the features that are easy to add ... and everybody loves them :)


Sort by any column(s) in a Continuous Form by clicking the Column Header


Bold captions for True Checkboxes and Selected Option in a Frame

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