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                                 Calendar Links                              

     Listed below are some Access Calendar links I have accumulated over the years. Some of these I have used quite a bit in projects and others I have just downloaded to see what they looked like.

1. This is my personal favorite from MVP Stephen Lebans. There are some step-by-step instructions included on the site for setting up the calendar which I wrote. This is by far the most impressive calendar I have seen because of its versatility. It gives the end user many different choices.

2. You can use the ActiveX Calendar Control that ships with your Access program. You'll find it under your ActiveX Controls list. To help you see how this works, I suggest you go to MVP Arvin Meyer's site and download this sample database that demonstrates how to use the calendar.

3. MVP Arvin Meyer also has a form based calendar here as well:

4. Here are some additional specific instructions for setting up the built-in ActiveX control:

5. You may also want to check MVP Tony Toews' site which lists many calendar options. You can find that here:

6. MVP Allen Browne has some ready made calendar forms you can download here:

7. There is also a download on the Access Web here:

8. Here is a cool one in French with a slick clock as well:

9. You could also read this Microsoft KB article for some help:

ACC: How to Create a Pop-Up Calendar Control on a Form

10. This link gives some step-by-step instructions:

11. Here's another one of interest:

12. The Access Developer's Handbook has a form-based one included with the book/CD:

13. This one might work just fine as well:

14. There are some instructions for building one here:

15. Another download for review here:

16. Here is a free OCX calendar:

17. Sample file here:
(Click on the “Access Samples” combo box on the right)

18. Older file here but can be converted:

19. Here are some instructions on Microsoft's site for setting up the ActiveX Calendar Control:

  20. MVP John Viescas has a form based one here (with time):
(Look for the file called Calendar.Zip and then the form inside called CalendarNoOCX)

21. A downloadable sample from UtterAccess is available here:

22. These sample files on UtterAccess have two examples of using a form based calendar.
These sample also allow for a three month display. - Version 1 - Version 2

23. MVP Crystal Long has a sample file here demonstrating some more advanced ActiveX functionality:

24. Here is a sample file posted on MDBMakers forum which uses a form based calendar:

(Look for the download called "Ezy Date Getter")

26. Sample Calendar form here:

27. A No-OCX Calendar form here:

28. A form based calendar form here:

(Look for the download file called

29. Here is another sample file posted on MDBMakers forum which uses a form based calendar. This one also includes a clock:

  30. Here is a slick file posted on UtterAccess by MVP Brent Spaulding. This one has a real cool slider time picker:

31. Here is a fairly complex calendar solution:

32. Another cool calendar from


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